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On his twenty-fifth birthday Pastor Malone had his first encounter with the Lord. It was on this day that he was spirit-filled and received the presence of God in his life. One short month later in the middle of August Pastor Malone was praying, and he heard the voice of God commanding him to take up his mantle and begin preaching. After discussing this with his Father in the Ministry, Pastor Michael C. Davis he preached his first sermon at Greater Zion Baptist Church in Huntsville Texas, and he received his license on Oct. 13, 1996. Since that time he has been running for the Lord.


Upon advice from his spiritual head, Pastor Malone moved to Houston Texas to further his ministerial education. Once in Houston he attended the College of Biblical Studies for twelve months, then he transferred to Dallas Baptist University to finish his Bachelors degree. In less than eight months, he graduated with a B.A.S. Degree in Christian Ministry and Business. It was during this time that he found an unexpected blessing in the form of a young lady by the name of Brenda Robinson from Santa Ana, California. After a brief four-month courtship they were married on November 27, 1999 and their union has produced two beautiful children named Micah and Amari Malone. It was during this time that Pastor Malone completed his first Master’s Degree from Dallas Baptist University.


Since his graduation Pastor Malone has held various positions in the body of Christ. He served under Bishop Larry L. Brandon at Praise Temple Full Gospel Baptist Church-Dallas Location as Director of the Minister’s Alliance. His assignment was to train ministers in developing their specific ascension gifts for leading and training the body of Christ for their work in building the Kingdom of God. Also in 2005 Pastor Malone aligned himself with First Church in McKinney, Texas under Pastor Lee A. Edwards. His assignment there was two-fold. He was assigned as Executive Pastor of Church Administration and Director of the Ministers Alliance. In these two positions, he has helped countless pastors of all denominations to set up classes and prepare curriculum that will benefit their particular church bodies and try to stimulate Church growth.


Due to the waning health of Sr. Pastor Stephen Richards Minister Malone accepted the Pastorate of Shiloh Baptist Church as of June 3, 2006 where he began teaching the body of Christ to “Speak Life to the Soul” of every person they come in contact with. After two and a half years God spoke to Pastor Malone, and he released Shiloh Baptist Church to his successor Pastor Errol Jones. During the next year Pastor Malone joined Friendship Baptist Church in the Colony as an associate minister, and he completed his doctorate degree from Andersonville Theological Seminary.


Exactly one year after leaving Shiloh Baptist Church Pastor Malone accepted the Mantle of Overseer at Greater New Hope Baptist Church is Sherman. His mission was the same. He sought to “save the lost at all cost” and to strengthen the body of believers at Greater New Hope and the surrounding communities. His teaching motto for the church was, “Developing Disciples-Discovering Destinies” had resounded in the local community as they have saw unprecedented growth during the time he led the church.

 In July of 2011 Pastor Malone began to hear the voice of the Lord again. In this season God began to teach Pastor Malone that he needed to “write the vision” God had given him for the church. Under the leadership of the Holy Spirit Pastor Malone has published several books to help encourage and give hope to the body of Christ.


After three years of dutiful service God conformed to Pastor Malone that his assignment was complete at Greater New Hope and shortly thereafter God called him to Greater Beulah Baptist Church in Dothan, Alabama. As of May 5th, 2013 he took up his duties and we are all looking forward to this exciting new chapter for Greater Beulah Baptist Church.


Pastor Malone believes that through Jesus you can preach the unsaved unto salvation, and teach the saved how to live a victorious life by utilizing the spiritual gifts God has equipped them with to claim every victory for Christ. His intellectual, scriptural approach, along with his intense oratorical style, stimulates the intellect of people on all levels of life. Pastor Malone offers a strong statement that the only real choice to the problems of today is a committed relationship with Jesus Christ.




“Sister Brenda” as she is affectionately known in Greater Beulah is truly a humble and faithful servant for Christ. From her early start in Ministry at Greater Light Baptist Church in Santa Ana California she has followed the path that God has laid out before her. From humble beginning Sister Brenda has always been a person who strives to do her best in life. As a dual-sport athlete she was heavily recruited by several colleges across the United States before accepting a track scholarship to Boise State University.


After her college years she came back home to Santa Ana and Greater Light as she began working in the Evangelism and Street ministries while working as a computer operator.


As she began to grow in the spiritual and corporate arenas she began to hear the call of the Lord in late 1998. Soon after she entered into a time of deep prayer with God and He confirmed that she needed to leave California because her future husband was waiting for her in Texas. So in May she packed her bags and she migrated halfway across the United States based on a promise from God. Two months after her arrival she met a young minister by the name of Rayford Malone in a small church in South Dallas and after a brief four month courtship they were married on November 27th, 1999.


Since that time Sister Brenda has climbed the corporate ladder and she has become a tremendous leader inside and outside the church. Not only has she earned a degree from Andersonville Theological Seminary but she is a Test Manager who leads teams in accomplishing their goals throughout the corporate world.


Presently she co-chairs the Women’s Ministry of Greater Beulah Baptist Church and she’s an advocate for women’s empowerment. Throughout her life she has shown a genuine concern for God’s people and she demonstrates it through her daily walk. She is well regarded in the Christian Community for her many gifts and talents, including singing and teaching the gospel.


Sister Brenda is a woman of virtue and extraordinary talents. She is a mother of two beautiful children, Micah and Amari. She is a dedicated wife who compliments and shares her husband’s vision in the ministry of Greater Beulah Baptist Church.




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